Pros and Cons of mobile mechanics – the flip side

Every coin has two sides, the logic applies to so many things that you can’t even imagine. Let’s see in terms of mobile mechanics. While in a situation that you are stuck in the middle of the road, with no assistance available nearby, or when your car, sitting in your garage just refuses to start, a mobile mechanic is a boon; the costs involved can actually make you think otherwise.

Pros are pretty obvious –

Scenario 1 – You being stuck in the middle of the road, already tried your hands to get the car back on the road, effort was in vain; pretty obviously, you are either getting your car towed to a mechanic – paying for towing plus mechanic charges, or calling for a mobile mechanic which becomes better option in terms of convenience and finance. Roadside assist is available.

Scenario 2 – Car sitting in the garage, would not start, you tried for all the expertise that you could use, again in vain. Rather that towing or dragging your car to mechanic (tough process though), better calling for a mobile mechanic’s service.

Scenario 3 – Bad experience at the garage or trust issues – in past some unethical mechanic replace your car parts with cheap ones, obvious choice not to go back to that mechanic; so if you already have made up your mind on that, car still needs servicing or repair, call a mechanic to your place and if you have spare time, watch him to the job in front of you.

Scenario 4 – Too busy with work and/or family; more often than not, the story of a modern person, busy in earning money, left with no time to go to the mechanic; call the mechanic to come to you. While you are at work, the car is fixed. Saves time, sounds fine?

Cons – again, pretty straight forward –

Scenario 1 – A mobile mechanic charges for the mobile service, and like any other mobile service, is more expensive to a normal mechanic service (not they are cheap anyways)

Scenario 2 – Not all the services can be done when the mobile mechanics come to you. If the problem requires more attention, specialised equipments that cannot be mobilised, your car still needs to visit the mechanic.

Scenario 3 – Permanency of the solution is not guaranteed, in most of the cases. As discussed in scenario 2, if the problem required more attention, the solution provided by a mobile mechanic could be temporary or short termed.

While saying these, do remember, there is not a single problem in the world that has no solution. All the above mentioned cons can be eliminated if you find trustworthy, certified and professional mobile mechanics. Do ensure that you check –

  • Licence and certifications
  • Police check certificate
  • Reviews (may be word of mouth or online)

Not to worry since there are genuinely good and experienced mobile mechanics out there who knows their job and are proficient at it. All you need to do is search. All the best in your search!

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